JEMSI Boutique is a family business, which defines what the path we have traveled together has been. We are Silvia Espinosa and Julián Bedoya, the founders of JEMSI. We were born in Colombia in a region that is characterized by the strength to materialize dreams.

The name JEMSI arose from a play on words by combining the names of all members of our family. We are blessed to have two beautiful children named Julieta and Emiliano.

We came to Richmond in 2013 looking for opportunities to continue to grow personally and have a better quality of life. Richmond was the city that welcomed us and provided us with opportunities that today allow us to be entrepreneurs and continue dreaming of the growth of JEMSI.

During 2020 due to the global health crisis, we were also affected. But as good entrepreneurs, we saw the opportunity in this crisis and decided to combine the strengths of both to materialize JEMSI Boutique. Charisma and passion for fashion, order and taste for the digital world, were our superpowers to see Richmond's potential to sell clothes with Latino style. We felt that from this city we could reach the whole country with our brand. We started this business virtually, little by little we were reaching more people, customers began to be frequent and even visited us at home, because no one wanted to miss out on the innovations and trends with which we always surprised at JEMSI.

We were aware of the reception that our products were having, we began to dream of a physical space for JEMSI, we wanted to give Richmond a new experience to buy clothes, to have a place for the inhabitants of the city, especially women, to find a space for them, with many options and personalized advice regarding what they would like to buy.

On December 9, 2022 we open the doors of JEMSI, in Victoria Square, we have had a great reception from all who visit us. We are sure that the women who visit us find in JEMSI, a place to enhance their feminine qualities, where we always advise them with dedication so that they believe in themselves, so that they bring out all the beautiful characteristics that they already have.

JEMSI's social function is to facilitate access to very good quality clothing with innovative designs, always accompanying and advising with love. We carefully work on every detail, we carefully choose each supplier, we study the trends of each season and we focus on having clothes for all body types because we believe and defend diversity and different forms of beauty.

We have strict quality control, when receiving and delivering our products, we make sure that they are always in perfect condition. We strive to offer an unforgettable experience, where we make our clients enjoy a pleasant atmosphere, in very good conditions. Thus achieving that they evoke their senses and that they connect in perfect harmony with our purpose.

Without a doubt, it made us entrepreneurs, faith, hope and our family. We dream that JEMSI continues to grow and see more and more people very happy every day being part of the JEMSI style.

In short, we do not choose where to be born, but we do choose where to stay, where to raise a family and where to undertake. So thank you for being part of this dream called JEMSI Boutique.

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